Oil spills can cause severe impacts on both human society and environmental biodiversity. However, through proper equipment, services and training, the effect of oil spills can be limited.


We provide rental solutions for oil spill response equipment and offer maintenance and repair services for oil spill response equipment.


We provide trained responders and experts to combat oil spills, as well as oil spill contingency planning and risk assessments for effective response strategies.


We provide training at both operations level and mangerial level to effectively limit and manage oil spill recovery efforts.


Oil spills contaminate drinking water supplies, and also affect the tourism and fishing industries for years to come, causing heavy losses to the economy as well as impacting fish stocks. Oil spills near to industries can also cause fires and explosions, leading to loss of life, while also contributing to air pollution to the region.


Oil spills can poison animals when they ingest the oil, and can also blind aquatic animals, leaving them defenseless. Oil also coats the feathers of birds, affecting their ability to fly, and also coats the fur of marine mammals like seals, reducing their insulating impact and causing hypothermia. Oil spills have the potential to kill many innocent animals and severely impact the region's environmental biodiversity.